Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dakota voices in his head?

I do have to wonder what sort of entertainment I may be missing in limiting myself to only the global warming paranoia from Bob Ellis of dakotavoice. Based on his mental non-gymnastics in attacking climate science, I would think he must have already unraveled or be going to unravel medical science and criminal justice.

Ellis is not one of those rejectionists who thinks he with no experience knows climate science better than the thousands who are learned and trained in the field. He is the sort that asserts those who recognize anthropogenic climate change are lying about it and engaged in a global hoax.

One of his common climate claims is that in the past before humans it was at least as warm as now. The conclusion to which he leaps from that is that humans could not be causing the current warming. This sort of thinking could overturn the legal system.

If past natural actions mean there cannot be a human cause of the same actions, how could there be such things as arson or murder? There were fires like caused by lightning long before people, and people have died from natural causes for as long as there have been people. So why should Ellis think humans could be responsible for causing fires or killing others?

With the way Ellis dismisses the vast evidence of anthropogenic climate change (or at least that he has heard of), asserting it is all part of a hoax perpetrated to take powers and freedoms, it would only make sense if he made the same claims about the justice system. Aren't police, prosecutors, and judges all about power and taking away people's freedom? How can you trust them? To keep their cushy government jobs they need there to still be crime to "fight", so they could be making up "crime" to keep getting paid all those tax dollars. We have all heard of fraud in the justice system and seen movies involving dirty cops, but does Ellis trash the justice system like he does climate science?

Speaking of fraud, medical science has seen its share. Of course doctors and hospitals have all kinds of incentive to invent disease since that gets them paid more, right? Does Ellis rant about the hoax of modern medicine?

I don't know for sure, but I would guess that, no, Ellis is not calling the criminal justice system and medical science giant scams. Assuming that is the case, why does he go all 9/11 Truther on climate science but not use the same "reasoning" to similarly attack other things? (Hmm, 9/11, I wonder if Ellis...) Does he cast the same eye toward the groups and individuals pushing the same anti-science he is?

Ellis may be one who is just so far gone extreme and belligerent toward the actual science to hope to learn much from him. Is it simply ideology and Gore Derangement Syndrome run amok? I still cannot help but wonder. Understanding Ellis may help focus the debunking and help in explaining the science those not so reflexively railing against it.

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