Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bob Ellis climate misinformation - natural cycle?

So far my impression is that the biggest Dakota region anthropogenic climate change denying blowhard is Bob Ellis. I mean "biggest" in terms of volume of ridiculous postings. Such an observation evokes curiosity. Is his ignorance of climate science caused by some natural cycle perhaps involving the sun?

It might be suggested that if we could find some past instance where Ellis said something intelligent about climate, recognize a difference with the drivel he has posted most recently like so far this month, and assume the change indicates a natural cycle due to the sun. However, you may see a crucial flaw or two with that reasoning, such as that there is no mechanism in there by which to conclude the sun is driving his current ignorance. In that case you would be demonstrating much stronger reasoning skills than Ellis employs when going on about climate change.

To be clear, I do not care here about anything else Ellis says not relating to climate. How could I? Even if I did care about anything else of his, the lunacy density in his climate musings are too high for me to be able to get beyond.

I have not for so long been surveying the regional scene on climate change. But Bob Ellis is a revelation. I feel like a pioneer who has stumbled across an ideal location to put down stakes with vast resources upon which to draw. Though I have not researched deeply yet, Ellis looks like a prototype of climate change ignorance and denial. Again, the volume of words and the density of the crazy in them is striking. Everything he sees seems to be proof to him climate science is all wrong and fraudulent... The continual venom toward Al Gore and "environmental extremists"... The repeated citing of things he does not understand and/or misrepresents but thinks demolish all of the established understanding of climate science... The 'climate change is the Leftist religion' meme... The paranoia about "Marxists" who will "redistribute our wealth"...

If there is one blemish on the portrait of unfettered climate idiocy, it would be that Ellis seems to accept there is warming occurring, though of course he will attribute it to anything except human activities. I wonder if with further trudging through the mire I will find that Ellis is perfectly willing to abandon the pretense of consistency and logic to claim there is not any current warming when he stumbles across something he thinks allows him to use that assertion to tilt at climate science.

For quite a while I should never have to complain about not knowing what to write about here. I could just go to Dakota Voice, LLC and find the first thing to debunk.

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