Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carrie Hutchens bullies experts

In glancing about for Dakotas region voices who might be making the mistake of jumping on the bandwagon of trying to use recent prominent snowstorms to dispute climate change, I did come across a post by Carrie K Hutchens alluding to snow as "global warming powder".

It is not the garden variety denial of climate change by Hutchens that I found notable in the post, it was the admission of personal ignorance about climate change. Hutchens says, "I'm not a scientist..., nor have I studied up intensely on the global warming ... issues."

I actually applaud such recognition, as it is quite rare when it comes to global warming. There is nothing inherently wrong with ignorance. There are plenty of topics on which I am ignorant. Often though the ignorant on the subject of climate change who are trying to dispute the science cannot see or refuse to recognize how little they actually know, and they go on as though they are experts. That is when the ignorance becomes a problem.

Despite the admitted personal ignorance, Hutchens still attempts to lecture on the topic of global warming just like those who quite mistakenly fancy themselves as able to tear down the vast knowledge and understanding established over time by the real experts. What really takes the cake is that the backbone of the Hutchens' post is displeasure with being talked down to and feeling bullied by experts, yet Hutchens turns and on the basis of misinformation dictates to the experts that they are not so knowledgeable.

Yes, Carrie, I am someone from the playground who knows better than you. I am standing up against your stubbornness and attempts to be controlling. I am standing up against your demonstrably false claims about climate (temperatures are not dropping but rather continue exactly in the range of what one would expect with usual year-to-year fluctations plus a warming trend). I am standing against your pointing those with expertise on a topic on which you admit none to go to their room until you are satisfied with what they say or how they say it.

I assume you are quite a nice person, but that plus your persecution complex will not stop my calling you wrong on climate science and fighting against your ill-informed stances regarding it.

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